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Crown Farm (Gaithersburg, MD) will occupy 180 acres within a rapidly developing urban corridor, and will create a unique mixed-use community.

The subject property is generally located east of the intersection of Diamondback Drive and Sam Eig Highway, south of that portion of Fields Road located within the corporate limits of the City of Gaithersburg, west of Omega Drive, and north of the current terminus points of Diamondback Drive and Decoverly Drive.

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Corwn Farm Official Documents @ City of Gaithersburg website

Crown Property Neighborhoods - SDP-11-001 Visit

Gaithersburg public hearing on Feb 07, 2011 - Powerpoint Visit

Project Background
The Crown Farm is a large scale transit-oriented, mixed-use development. This project has been a priority for the City since its annexation into the City in 2006. The original developers for the Crown Farm went into bankruptcy during the recent economic downturn and the project was stopped. The project was purchased out of bankruptcy in January of 2010. The current owners, VII Crown Farm Owner, LLC, submitted a revised sketch plan application, Z-315, and a Second Amendment to the X-182 Annexation Agreement that were both approved December 6, 2010. These approvals will allow for revised schematic development plans (SDP) to be submitted that reflect current economic and market conditions and will make the Crown Farm a viable, buildable project.

Crown Property Neighborhoods 1 & 2
The "Crown Property Neighborhoods 1 & 2" proposed plan proposes a mix of uses, including 337 townhomes, 60 single-family detached homes, 1149 multi-family units, and 257,400 square feet of future commercial uses on approximately 87.8 acres of land between Sam Eig Highway and the future Decoverly Drive extension.

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The CrownFarm.ORG is NOT an official Crown Farm Project site, but rather a get-together of people with interests in Crown Farm.

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